An Introduction to Phytoplanktons: Diversity and Ecology

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Coppin State University. Phytoplankton Ecology assignment. Uploaded By onu Lab 8 Phytoplankton Diversity Group lab report is due on Nov 30, Phytoplankton Diversity Introduction: Photosynthetic aquatic organisms, as the primary producers of the aquatic ecosystem, are the first link in the aquatic ecosystem food web. They convert solar energy to an energy form usable by themselves and, in turn, by other aquatic consumers.

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The most significant contribution to the primary productivity of the aquatic ecosystem does not come from the obvious macroscopic attached plants that occupy the fringes of the continental masses. Rather, it is the microscopic, free-floating forms, collectively called phytoplankton, that are the dominant primary aquatic producers.

An Introduction to Phytoplanktons: Diversity and Ecology | Ruma Pal | Springer

Phytoplankton includes representatives from several classes. Among the most common and important phytoplankton are the diatoms and the dinoflagellates Dinophyceae in the microplankton um in size range and cyanobacteria in the picoplankton um in size range. Each group of phytoplankton exhibits characteristic colors, depending on its relative abundance of the major groups of photosynthetic pigments: green chlorophylls, yellow carotenes, or pink or blue phycobilins. The relative abundance of phytoplankton groups varies seasonally and geographically, so representatives of all groups are seldom found in the same plankton sample.

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Cyanobacteria Blue-Green Algae Members of this group are extremely small and are not easily collected with standard plankton nets. They are usually studied and counted by filtration onto black polycarbonate filters of 25 mm diameter. She is the sole teacher of Phycology in this university.

She has more than 25 years of research experience in Phycology. Her research interest is related to various fields of algal biotechnology, related to Phycoremediation, aquaculture, bio-fuel production and nanotechnology, etc. Algal diversity study, phytoplankton dynamics and ecological modeling are also the areas of her interest.


She has already conducted more than 15 research projects in the field of algal application and has published more than 50 papers in refereed journals. He completed his doctoral work from the same institute and received his Ph.

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