Anti-Social Behaviour

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Antisocial behaviour is being played down or ignored by the authorities despite blighting the lives of victims, according to a report. People persistently targeted by perpetrators are left to suffer in silence amid shortcomings in the response by agencies including the police and councils, it has been claimed. The feedback from victims is that, all too often, they feel they are being persistently targeted by their perpetrators, and yet ignored by those with the power to prevent and intervene.

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For many victims, their experience can be like living a nightmare. Anti social behaviour ASB is a blanket term for conduct that can cause harassment, alarm or distress. Examples listed on the police.

Anti-social behaviour | Islington Council

You can also inform us if you wish to remain anonymous. If you have issues of Antisocial Behaviour and are a Council Tenant please contact your Housing officer in the first instance.

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  • Antisocial behaviour includes everything from dog fouling and litter to substance abuse and serious harassment. Effective solutions to antisocial behaviour problems are not the responsibility of a single organisation.

    What we need to know

    It can be the responsibility of:. The Safer Communities team embraces a stepped approach to antisocial behaviour; the four pillars of the framework are;.

    Anti-social behaviour and nuisance

    Serious complaints of Anti-Social Behaviour will be given priority and investigated immediately. We will investigate each incident on a case by case basis and if required we will speak to neighbours or witnesses and contact other agencies for any information that may help the investigation of the case. The team will begin to investigate the case as near to the date of receipt of the complaint as possible. Once the investigation is complete we will decide upon the most appropriate course of action and will endeavour to keep the complainer up to date and notify them of progress within 20 working days, of the date of the initial complaint.

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    In some cases, the investigation will take longer to conclude. Our primary aim is to prevent Anti-social behaviour by providing support and interventions to individuals by working in partnership with other services.

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    Often when we receive complaints we discover the person being complained about is a vulnerable adult or child and it is our duty to work with other services to provide interventions to work with individuals. This is often very time consuming and rarely solved quickly. It should be noted that we only apply for Anti-Social Behaviour Orders as a last resort when all possible avenues of support have been exhausted.

    Trauma, Antisocial Behavior and the Brain

    An Acceptable Behaviour Contact ABC is an early intervention designed to engage an individual who is involved in unacceptable or antisocial behaviour to acknowledge this behaviour and its impact on other people, with the aim of stopping it. An ABC is a voluntary written agreement between the perpetrators and one or more local agencies charged with preventing such behaviour, for example, Police, Housing, Education, Social Work and Youth Services, and Voluntary Organisations.

    The ABC has no legal standing which is why some agencies prefer to call them Agreements. Although voluntary, ABCs can be a strong deterrent when the individual or family know that if they breach the contract or refuse to enter into it without acceptable reasons legal action such as an Anti-social Behaviour Order can occur.