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E-mail deze pagina. Uitgever: Specialty Press. Samenvatting The photos in this edition are black and white. In the late s, an era when some Cold War allies still flew cast-off World War II propeller-driven bombers and fighters, Northrop seized on the need to deliver modern warplanes with modest maintenance requirements.

The shapers of American foreign policy needed an economical way to give allies supersonic performance. The U. Air Force and Navy only tangentially used the F-5, but decades of new American fliers honed their skills on the similar T variant, a high-performance training aircraft. The F-5, an all-out air superiority fighter, possesses remarkable performance to match its classy good looks. It has served U. Navy as aggressor training aircraft at its famous Top Gun school.

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The T carries the sleek lines into the training world. And the powerful single-engine F, the ultimate iteration of this Northrop line, brought the basic F-5 premise forward into a new era. Vintage and modern photos in this WarbirdTech volume depict F-5s, Ts, and the few Fs in many guises; technical drawings and detail photos show the inner workings.

Color photos capture variations in camouflage and markings since Thus far, the aircraft has compiled one of the most enviable records of a post-Vietnam fighter, logging more than victories and no losses in air-to air-combat.

Warbird Tech Series

Learn the history from prototype to final production in this new book. This detailed volume provides an in-depth study of the development and operations of one of the most popular military aircraft of the Cold War era, the McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom. The two seat Grumman Cougar was one of the first swept-wing trainers to be put into service with the Navy and was also one of the first two seat versions of a fleet fighter.

Details the evolution of one of the most feared weapons in the U. Helicopter Gunships begins with the Vietnam War as the ultimate proving ground that first utilized helicopter gunships and saw the development of other rotary-wing weapon systems as well. It also explores fascinating post-war programs such as the experimental Comanche, Blackhawk, and Apache. This book explains the circumstances that led to the C, its design and structural details, flight characteristics, and development.

This book covers the complete history of the Martin P5M Marlin flying boat from development, construction, powerplants, armaments, and squadron service. The story of U. Describes all MiG kills, with serial number, tail code, operational unit, crewmember names, callsign, weaponry, and tactics for each aircraft credited with a Mig kill from April to January One of the most widely exported jet fighters of all time, the Soviet built MiG saw service in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, including combat in a number of Third World conflicts.

Trace the MiG from concept to its twilight, showing dozens of rare photos of seldom-seen prototypes and one-offs. While the agile MiG jet fighter is best known for air battles during the Vietnam War, this book describes the complete history and variants of the Soviet-built Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG and charts its combat operations in various Cold War-era conflicts.


Illustrated with 1, photos and color profiles, this comprehensive book is a must-have for aviation enthusiasts and modelers. Here in one expert volume, the authors describe the MiG's development, performance, operational history, and Cold War-era combat actions.

Douglas A-1 Skyraider Attack Aircraft

Featuring over photos, tech drawings, and color profiles, this new book in the Famous Russian Aircraft series is certain to please both aviation enthusiasts and modelers. The enduring story of the Northrop F-5 series and the aircraft it spawned is overdue and timely for an audience that increasingly seeks reliable information and photos about Cold War aircraft. Covers the Wild Weasel versions, A-F models and variants.

Includes missile and ECM installations, structural cutaways, pilot handbook excerpts, and Vietnam coverage. This is a fully revised and updated edition of the definitive history of the A-4 written by one of the leading authorities on U. This book provides an introduction to the subject with special emphasis on model railways. The authors take readers through the principles of 3D drawing and a review of some of the 3D software packages available free of charge on the internet.

A product of years of statistical research, this detailed listing of over 7, Consolidated Bs in all their variations from the WWII era, provides the aircraft's name and, where available, group, squadron and serial number. Allied flyers in WWII called it the "flying coffin", but in the hands of Finnish aces, the Buffalo was wildly successful. This new book is lavishly illustrated with over photos, many seen here for the first time.

This newly-revised and expanded edition of British Secret Projects 3: Fighters and Bombers contains many new photographs and information not previously published. This new book provides an informative perspective on the Concorde program and explores in detail how this great supersonic jet airliner came into being.

Concentrating both on the design and development of the aircraft, the book also covers the Anglo-French political and technical collaboration needed to get the Concorde built. This major work is devoted strictly to telling the story of how this legendary airplane was designed and built using rare original factory photos, documents, and unique engineering information.

The historical background of the F Tomcat is traced in this new book. Learn about the 22 months it took to take the Tomcat from concept to first flight. Here for the first time is the untold story of Northrop's rare, unique, and formerly super-secret aircraft and spacecraft. This is the most extensively researched history of the X program yet produced, written with the cooperation of surviving X pilots as well as many other program principals.

On these pages we will explore the characteristics and uses of the M and the M Both massive trucks--as you would expect for vehicles tasked with winching and hauling tanks and other armored vehicles and heavy equipment at highway speeds. With its high-velocity 75mm gun and well-sloped armor, the Panther tank dominated WWII battlefields, and it was regarded by Soviet and Allied tankers as a deadly opponent. Outstanding among the few publications in the world devoted to the Saab 37 Viggen strike fighter, this book will be of great interest to modelers and aircraft enthusiasts alike.

This richly-illustrated new edition has many new photos, in-depth captions, color profiles, and all-new, detailed scale drawings. The amazing U-2 Dragon Lady has been in continuous military service for over six decades.

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Developed during the Cold War by Lockheed's super-secret "Skunk Works", no other American spy plane has been so key to gathering highly classified intelligence. Author and former U-2 pilot Rick Bishop takes you deep into the Black World of high-altitude recon missions, revealing the many trials and challenges of flying these fragile and dangerous aircraft.

The Sikorsky CH Mojave was an American large heavy-lift helicopter of the s and was Sikorsky's first twin-engined helicopter. Limited Print Run The complete US Space Shuttle program from the earliest days through the very end is documented in this three-volume set with slipcase that features 1, pages filled with over 1 million words and nearly 4, photos and line drawings. The book describes in depth the development and operational career of the Su family, including mid-life upgrades and the latest variants, and features detailed fleet lists. Richly illustrated with color photographs, line drawings and color profiles of the various color schemes carried by the type, this is the definitive work on a truly outstanding aircraft.

The Boeing KC Stratotanker is considered one of the most significant military aircraft of the Cold War-era and beyond. Completely revised and expanded, this new edition features the operational histories of over 80 versions of these world-famous Boeing aircraft.

WarbirdTech Series by Frederick A. Johnsen

This book also provides details on all specialized KC aircraft including first flight, delivery, configuration, attrition, and retirement. This is the story of a special breed of warrior, the fighter-bomber pilot; the story of valiant men who flew the rugged F Thunderchief 'Thud' over the hostile skies of North Vietnam. From the briefing rooms to the bombing runs, Colonel Jack Broughton recounts the tragedy and heartache, the intense rush and the flaming terror of high-speed, low-level sorties against ground targets defended by SAM missiles, deadly flak, and MiG fighters.

Here is a timeless classic of modern aerial warfare. This book continues the story of Republic's Mach-2 F Thunderchief where previous books on this aircraft left off. Author Dennis Jenkins uses rare archival Air Force documentation and original Republic factory material and photos never before seen by the public to tell the complete story of this legendary jet fighter-bomber.

Series: WarbirdTech

Detailed coverage of the Vought F-8 Crusader's design and development, production, record flights, the XF8U-3 Super Crusader, significant NASA variants, and foreign operators augments the story of this aircraft's development. In so doing, this book provides the vital "missing link" in the story of this legendary aircraft: the U. Navy's first supersonic jet fighter. This book provides an insightful and in-depth look at the sixth member of the USAF's "Century Series" family of supersonic fighters. From initial concept through flight testing and deployment, every facet of the Convair F's operational service is examined and explained in a comprehensive, yet easy-to-read text.

Includes many superb photos and technical illustrations useful to modelers and aviation historians.