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At Sunshine Gardens, we understand the essence of dementia care and the challenges it brings to families.

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Whether you have a loved one in our memory care facility, or you are simply looking for resources, we hope this article helps explain the impacts of dementia not only on memory-impaired individuals, but their caregivers as well. If you are seeking memory care for a person in your life, please contact us. Try to relax and observe your loved one closely. Learn as much as possible from him or her day-to-day. Remember, every person living with dementia responds differently. His or her personality will never totally vanish.

If your father or mother was a jokester, you better stay on your toes! He or she might be planning the next caper after many years into their disease. Enjoy these moments and remind yourself hour-by-hour that your loved one may no longer have a concept of time or current reality at that certain moment.

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Again, learn from these people. One of the reasons why I get so aggravated with the medical profession is that the vast majority of doctors and nurses refuse to listen to the caregivers or patients. You are the caregiver, the foreman more or less.

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You may be the responsible party, but always include your loved ones in their medical decisions. Incorporating them within these important conversations and choices will help keep them at ease. Memory-impaired patients may not answer for themselves, safely. Many will categorize a person with dementia as mentally encumbered.

Well, my father struggled with the disease for over ten years and always maintained a sense of humor, regardless of all the depression that culprit of a disease rained down upon him.

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The feelings may not be so positive but the essence is the same, how much of those feelings exist in your present and what can you do to either create them now or change them to what you want to feel more of? However, if we take the essence of those feelings, we can take the pressure off lamenting its passing or trying to recreate it and focus instead on the moments we can create now to help feel more of what we want to feel. So wallow away!

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Take every opportunity to recreate the feelings of love, connection, freedom and fun that your memories provide in any way that suits you. The key for me is to find the essence. Do those little things for yourself and for others that will help capture the positive feelings nostalgia creates in you and honour the lessons those people and events provided that have made you who you are today.

And if things are missing, then start creating new traditions to be nostalgic about!

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It really is the little things that count. Home Blog The Essence of Nostalgia. I have always been fascinated by Human Psychology.

The reason I love coaching so much is that I can fully relate to what my clients are feeling in terms of feeling stuck, repeating poor quality choices in relationships, jobs or friends, feeling not good enough or loveable enough, fearing success as much as fearing failure, falling out with family etc. And all while on the surface appearing to be very confident, happy and positive.

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