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This is not necessarily a problem. The game is still targeted at the tournament crowd and not towards simulating large historical ancient battles which saw 60, warriors per side. A traditional per stand point system is included, basing cost on unit formation, quality, armor and weapons type. And speaking of points, that was where I saw the first big change. At the Elite and Superior level, it seems almost every type of foot and horse has had an increase, making the really heavy guys a lot more expensive to field.

For example, while a stand of Heavily Armored Knights used to cost 24 points per stand, the cost is now 27 points. Similarly, there are now three dice per stand four for Scythed Chariots in the Impact phase where it used to be two, and that will certainly drive hits upward. For me, however, the real sparkler was found on page In the latter case, a reroll is mandatory if a six is initially rolled for Poor troops.

This is not good, reflecting the lousy troops in question. Conversely, rerolls can occur for Elites if they roll a dismal one or two and for Superior units on a one.

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However, a unit such as Average, Undrilled Impact Foot can get a onetime bump up to Superior for Impact combat due the ferocity of their initial charge. Invariably this new tabletop offering will be compared with the recent computer game release, and obviously the big difference is that the PC will calculate all the modifiers and process the complexities for the player automatically.

This is not necessarily a good thing I think. Otherwise just remember that while other venues are possible, FOG3 is built to support miniature tournament play with small armies, while the new software offering leans more towards campaigns and historical battles, in many cases very big ones.

However, if you are now using Field of Glory for your ancient and medieval tournament play, I would strongly, VERY strongly, recommend you take the plunge and grab this newest edition. The rules retain not only all the detailed realism as in the past, but also the very precise verbiage that allows for a complete understanding of what is going on. Add to this clarifying language and a host of small changes that when taken together are far more dramatic than each individually. This seems to produce a game that not only plays differently than in the past, but produces end games potentially more decisive and unfamiliar even to veteran players.

Tl;dr - For current Field of Glory players this strongly recommended, but for everyone else it's optional. For full posting functionality, view this post in our forum. Review: Field of Glory 3rd Edition. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. Direct from Publisher. Leave a comment.

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Differing command styles are also represented, with each commander having the option to control entire battle lines, join individual battle group units to bolster their morale, or even fight in the front line of a battle group. Trade-offs in command abilities and radii are designed to reflect the strengths and weaknesses of each command style. Some troop types must pass a Complex Move Test in order to perform certain formation changes or maneuvers when in close proximity to the enemy. Initial routs and pursuits occur at the end of the Impact, Shooting, or Melee phase that caused them.

Combat : is divided into Impact, Shooting, and Melee phases, with each following a similar procedure.

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Certain troop types may enjoy one or more Points of Advantage over specified opponents, or in favorable tactical situations, increasing their odds of scoring hits. Units may also receive points of advantage if armed with certain types of primary or secondary weapons. Troops armed with bows, slings, javelins, early firearms, crossbows, and artillery may all use their weapons in the Shooting phase. Troops that receive a certain number of hits from combat must take a Cohesion Test see below , and may also be required to take a Death Roll to determine if any bases were lost as casualties.

Morale : If a battle group receives a specified number of hits from impact, shooting, or melee combat, or suffers from certain other blows to its morale, it must perform a Cohesion Test by rolling 2D6, with adjustments from a table of modifiers. Unless otherwise specified by scenario, all troops begin the battle with a cohesion level of Steady. Failing a cohesion test may cause the level to drop to Disrupted, Fragmented, or Broken, with each state carrying penalties of increasing severity.

Fragmented battle groups may choose to retire, while broken units must rout.

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Commanders may attempt to bolster disrupted or fragmented battle groups, or rally ones that have broken. Units that have lost a certain total percentage of their bases may Autobreak, and are removed from the table at the end of the turn.

Routed, broken, fragmented, and straggling voluntarily off-table troops cause an army to accumulate Attrition Points, as do camps that have been sacked by the enemy. Players may use historical orders of battle, or points-based army lists. No scenarios are included. Companion army list books organized around historically-based themes are also available.

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Each army list includes historical descriptions, restrictions, and illustrations, but no additional rules. Army list books currently in print or scheduled for publication in include:. According to the publishers, additional army lists books covering the chariot era, the Dark Ages, far eastern armies, etc. Field of Glory is a beautifully designed and presented product, with very few typographical errors. This is by far the most professionally-produced miniatures rule set I have ever seen.

The table of contents is clearly organized and color coded by section.

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The text is fairly lengthy and complex, but also very consistent, clearly written and well organized, with numerous colorful diagrams, photographs, and illustrations to provide examples of play, clarify areas of potential confusion, and add period color. While few of the rules mechanics come across as startlingly new, all of them are combined and sequenced in ways that show considerably more subtlety and originality than might appear at first glance.

The index and glossary of terms are also very welcome features. New players may have some difficulty absorbing the rules at first due to their length and detail. I would recommend that newcomers read the book one section at a time, rather than attempt to digest the entire text at once.