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This incident showed a different side of Hyun-myung instead of the clingy boyfriend we had come to expect. As he continues to grow throughout the series, it will be interesting to see if he will thrive in the corporate world or return to art.

The Mermaid's Tale: Four Billion Years of Cooperation in the Making of Living Things

The other characters are mainly there to provide comic relief but Surplus Princess still manages to respect these characters instead of turning them into jokes. Hye-young does absolutely ridiculous eating broadcasts including rabbit and Frozen-themed broadcasts but is still a caring and accepting friend with a potential unrequited love. Big is the daft pretty boy with a sincere heart who just wants his love to succeed. And Ji-young is an introverted man who, in any other drama, would be a complete joke.

Yet in Surplus Princess , he is treated as a human being who has feelings whether they are about his crush on Ha-ni or desire to succeed in life despite his lack of confidence.

A Woman Killed With Kindness: Revised edition (New Mermaids)

The characters are all quirky but this does not define them or keep them from being three-dimensional. And if it keeps its charm, it will definitely become the comedy of the year. Editors' Picks. Side B: Celebrating Ten Years of f x 2.

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Popular Tags:. See All. Zac is shocked by what happened and he immediately drops the trident to get to Lyla. The mermaids are shocked to find out what happened and they blame Zac. They try to use their moonrings to heal Lyla, but in vain. Rita finds out that the trident can help because it stores moonlight. Zac goes to his home to get the trident, where Cam is waiting for him. Cam does not agree with the fact that Zac wants to use the trident to help the mermaids.

Zac is furious at Cam and he takes the trident by force. Zac charges the moonrings with the trident and Lyla is healed right on time. Shocked by what happened to Lyla, the mermaids tell Zac what the trident can do even more. This makes Zac decide to put back the trident where he found it in the first place. All Nixie wants is for Zac to lose his powers so that the pod can return.

Cam asks Evie for a diving suit and an air bottle so he can get the trident. Evie has many questions when she arrives at the cave entrance to the trident. Nixie opens up the entrance to the trident cave with a stolen moonring and Evie and Cam enter it. Cam opens the door to the trident and he and Evie swim towards the trident. Cam swims back, but Evie stays behind and gets trapped in the endless ocean.

This news reaches Zac and he rushes to Mako to save Evie, revealing to her that he is a merman. Zac promises her to get rid of it, but only if she will keep quiet for a few more days.

Transforming Mermaids ! Dolphin Magic Barbie Doll Sets Part 4

Evie agrees, but Cam has the trident. This worries the mermaids and Zac. At a full moon, Cam goes to Mako with the trident and with the goal to destroy the Moon Pool. He follows the path like Zac did when he entered the cave for the first time.

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He convinces Evie that Cam told her a lie and she believes him. Zac rushes to Mako. He tried to stop Cam before he entered the trident cave, but Cam knocked him out with a zap from the trident.

Luckily Zac woke up right on time after Cam knocked him out and Zac enters the Moon Pool right on time, using his powers to destroy the trident and the Moon Pool is saved. Luckily, the mermaids do not see him as a threat anymore and Evie likes him for who he is and not for what he is. The mermaids have also proven to Rita that they are worthy of their moonrings, and they may keep the moonrings that they had borrowed from Rita to save the Moon Pool.

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In season 2, things seem to be going perfectly for Zac. However, things in his life become complicated again. The seventh full moon since Zac became a merman is about to come and this refuses the council to return to Mako. Sirena tries to convince the council that Zac is not a threat anymore, but they think differently and still see him as a threat. They want the merman to be gone as soon as possible. They talk to Sirena and they decide to come with her to solve the problem.

The only thing they need to enter the cave and to meet up with Zac is legs. The new mermaids want to meet the landboy as soon as possible, but Sirena wanrs them to not do anything stupid and she asks them to follow her lead.

Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure

They agree and they leave. They are going to the cafe, where Zac is waiting for someone to come so he can order something. As the mermaids walk towards him, Sirena is stopped by David , a landboy she loves and also the owner of the cafe. At first, Zac does not understand what the girls want from him, but he soon realises that they are new mermaids when he sees their moonrings. A fight between the two emerges. Erik, a new waiter at the cafe comes to bring the mermaids drinks they had ordered earlier.

As he leaves, the fight continues. They both become weat and they jump into the water, to the surprise of the crowd around them. Mimmi makes a powerful potion that contains the power of 50 moons. The new mermaids decided to let Zac go to Mako and use the potion on him during the full moon. But the potion is already activated when she arrives in the Moon Pool and she absorbs the potion while the full moon makes the pool bubble.

She demands the three mermaids to find a way to turn her back into a normal girl. There are also more complications with Zac's growing connection to Mako. This includes a discovery of an ancient old Merman Chamber which also attracts Erik's interest. Erik is the new merman in season 2. Zac awakens the chamber by moving his hand over a rock with some blue glowing symbols, which includes a symbol of a moonrise, an island, a full moon, the Moon Pool and a trident.

Also in this season, Zac gets visions. He can see what Mimmi sees when she's afraid and Mimmi can see what Zac sees or dreams. They ware wondering why. They discovered that it's not the island at all, but their bloodline. Mimmi is actually his long lost sister. This discovery is too much for Zac and he begins pushing those close to him away. His whole life is a lie. His mom is not his mom and his dad is not his dad.

Eventually, he learns to accept who he really is after Mimmi reminds him that he has a family who cares about him, loves him and treats him as their real son, and that she had nothing at all most of her childhood. He then reconnects with all the people he cares about, including Cam and accepts Mimmi as his sister.

After this, the connection between him and his newfound sister is growing very strong throughout the second half of season 2. Both of them seem to be extremely caring and protective of each other. At the end of season 2, Zac decides to not activate and use the chamber, but Erik thinks different about that. He finds out that the chamber can only be activated by the trident stone , and he goes looking for the trident stone. Erik finds the trident stone and takes away Zac's powers with it, but he invited Zac to be in the merman chamber when Erik activates it because Zac is still a merman.

Erik tries to shut it down but fails. Zac also tries and succeeds, but his life energy is drawn out of him by the trident stone and Zac becomes unconscious.

Mimmi saves Zac's life by putting the trident stone on the chest of Zac and Erik was never seen again. In this season, Zac actually didn't really play the main character of Mako Mermaids in the beginning. In the beginning, it was all going about a girl named Weilan. Weilan was a mermaid too, and she lived in China.