German Quickly: A Grammar for Reading German

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The grammar explanations are detailed and clear, and the accompanying reading selections, consisting partly of aphorisms and proverbs, are intriguing. There are also many informative appendices, including a summary of German grammar, a detailed description of German dictionaries currently available, and a vocabulary list of words that are commonly encountered in scholarly writings. Previous page. Oxford Essential German Dictionary. Next page. Most but not all of the exercises are included in an answer key in the back -- so you could use this to self-teach if you wanted to. Lots of helpful material in the appendices.

T Well, I'm pretty sure I passed my language exam. The repetitive vocabulary lists which don't indicate which words you've seen before and which are genuinely new are a bit annoying. Jan 06, Christopher Smith rated it really liked it. A fantastic way to learn to read academic German. I was wading through encyclopedia articles by the end of one semester. May 01, Justin Dewell rated it really liked it. The title is accurate. This is a great book to help you learn to translate German in a short time frame. I didn't like the amount of vocabulary Wilson expected you to pick up in each chapter.

Towards the end of the book I felt discouraged and struggled to know if I understood the grammar concepts because of the huge amount of vocab she threw at me. A couple chapters also seem like they are in odd places. May 31, Erin rated it really liked it Shelves: non-fiction , , twenty-first-century. A few errors and unclear passages. Jul 21, Timothy Decker rated it it was amazing.

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I know I'll be reviewing this throughout the rest of my life! Aug 24, Amy rated it it was amazing Shelves: german. The most helpful, comprehensive, clearly articulated German grammar that I have found. A resource I devoured in preparation for a proficiency exam, yet will return to often throughout my career.

Feb 16, Chris rated it it was ok. Be prepared to translate many, many proverbs no one uses. There are also some factual errors, and the text is missing letters. May 20, Ctg7w6 rated it liked it.

This is a pretty good book for a graduate student looking to pass a reading exam. The vocabulary is particularly good for those studying the humanities. I've had two years of college German prior to reading this book, but I had forgotten a good deal of it. In addition, most of the first two years of college German is dedicated to practical German and communicating in German, so it is not incredibly helpful for reading scholarly literature.

German Quickly

In that regard, this book helped immensely. I can read j This is a pretty good book for a graduate student looking to pass a reading exam. I can read journal articles decently with the aid of a dictionary. Literary work is still incredibly hard to read after this book. This book will not help you communicate in German. It really is just for reading German which is why I used it, even though I intend to work on my communication skills.

You will not practice writing.


You will practice translation. The reading selections are decent and come from a variety of "scholarly" writings, but with quite a bit of literature.

Why the 3 stars? My biggest problem with the book was the introduction of vocabulary over the course of the chapter. At the end of the chapters there are word lists, but they often don't contain all of the vocabulary used in the chapter. This isn't bad in the beginning, but by the end of the book you are learning complicated grammatical structures AND trying to learn the vocabulary at the same time.

German Quickly : A Grammar for Reading German

That is fine for the translation exercises, it gives you dictionary practice. But for example sentences, it is really distracting to have to move back and forth between the provided translation and the German equivalent. With my prior knowledge of German I was able to make it through this book in about a month, studying about hours a day. I used Anki on mac for flashcards of the vocabulary. Due to the way that vocabulary is introduced, I figured out "my" best process around the middle of the book.

Before I began to read a chapter I would make flash cards of the vocabulary list at the end of the chapter. Then I would learn the vocabulary. This helped quite a bit before doing the exercises or examples. Then I would read the chapter. As I read, I would highlight words that were not in the list and also never provided in earlier chapters. Then flashcards again. Then move on to the next chapter. I will reread the book quickly to brush up on the points, and also translations of the earlier chapters should be easier to understand now that I have the full picture. As I said, I have prior German experience.

Passar bra ihop

This helped with my rapid pace through the book 30 days with weekends off. The vocabulary I gained was extensive and I already knew a good deal of the grammar or only needed to be refreshed. There is a "humanities-oriented" vocabulary list in the back of the book that I have only perused and it looks like it will be very helpful. I do have a few worries, however. I noticed that some of the vocabulary was not quite accurate in the chapters, I don't know about the extra dictionary.

This was due to prior training in German and I realized it around the middle of the book. From then on I checked the words with other dictionaries and occasionally found discrepancies. Not too often, but enough to make me worry. Sometimes the word provided in this book was not exact enough for what the word actually means. The other thing to be careful of are words that mean something in English, but have a specific context in which that word is used.

German for Beginners: Lesson 1 - Alphabet and Phonetics

For instance: die Gabe. This means gift. But it really means gift in the idea of a talent. A physical gift that you give someone is Geschenk. But for a good part of the book I thought they were synonyms because the translation given was simply gift. Perhaps I should have paid more intention when it was introduced, but either way, it's something to look out for when making flashcards.

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  7. I will be moving on to another "German for Reading" book. I have heard that the Jannach book is not good. The number one book recommended is Sandberg's book which is out of print. It goes for on Amazon. Thankfully I found a copy for cheaper.

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    Having looked at it, it seems to fix the problem of vocabulary introduced at the same time as the readings and looks to be a much more solid book. I have not used it yet, so this may be inaccurate, but I have looked through it enough to believe that it will be a solid add-on to this book's use. If you are looking to learn to communicate, this is not the book to start off with. As a resource for graduate students it is possibly the cheapest solution that is worthwhile to use. I recommend it if you are on a budget and you probably are if you are a graduate student.

    Jan 10, Jessica rated it it was amazing Shelves: german. I highly recommend this book for the person, particularly the humanities academic, who needs to brush up on their German. I studied German for seven years it was my minor in undergrad , but neglected it for four, leaving me unprepared for the required language exam for my History PhD program.

    I took the exam initially without preparing and failed. However, I am pleased to report that after going through the chapters and exercises in this book I passed and can once again read German rather easil I highly recommend this book for the person, particularly the humanities academic, who needs to brush up on their German.

    However, I am pleased to report that after going through the chapters and exercises in this book I passed and can once again read German rather easily.