Horsing Around #30 (Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo)

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But when the magic wind switcheroos Katie into her mom right before the audition, Katie panics.

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Will Mrs. Carew ever put on her tap shoes again? Horsing Around 30 Becky is taking riding lessons at the Cherrydale Stables. Vote for Katie Suzanne Everyone in Cherrydale has election fever! While the adults get ready to vote for town mayor, the fourth graders are holding an election for a fourth grade mayor!

Both Katie and Suzanne are nominated, and Suzanne really really, really! She even tries to sabotage Katie's campaign! Major League Mess-Up 29 It's baseball season, and Katie and her friends are busy rooting for their favorite team, the Cherrydale Porcupines. Katie loves the team, but can't understand why her friends are so obsessed with the team's star shortstop, Mike Reed. She prefers the old shortstop who now sits on the bench every game. But when Katie is switcherooed into the team's star shortstop, she learns that she should never judge someone until she's standing in their size baseball cleats!

Free the Worms! Flower Power 27 One afternoon Katie overhears Mr. Something strange is going on.

Horsing Around

Of course, Suzanne thinks she knows exactly what's going on: Mr. The kids in 4A can't let Mr. So they devise a plan to make sure he stays for good. But when Katie turns into Mr. When Katie turns into the skater during her performance, she really hits the ice—on her bottom, hard. Then when Katie figures out a way to fix this mess, the magic wind comes back and turns her into a famous snowboarder.

Suddenly Katie's the one going downhill! That's two snow shows she's ruined in one week. Katie's hilarious escapades in these two stories make this Super Special a perfect way to chase away the winter blues! Something's Fishy 26 The fourth grade is studying fish, and that means a trip to the Cherrydale Aquarium! Everything is going along just swimmingly until Ms. Sweet drops her brand-new engagement ring into the tank—and Katie turns into a fish!

Now she's stuck in a tank and she's all wet. Well, at least she can try to find Ms. Sweet's ring…although that may be difficult when Katie the clown fish is being chased by a shark! My Pops Is Tops!

Katie Kazoo Switcharoo

But it turns out that her parents will be out of town, and so Katie's grandfather is going to team up with her instead. Then the magic wind arrives just in time to cause more trouble. Who has Katie switcherooed into this time? Do aching knees and nose hair give you a clue? Super Special: Camp Rules!

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Katie is so excited for her two-week stay at sleepaway camp! Friends, activities, Color War, s'mores Have twice the summer fun with twice the switcheroos in Katie Kazoo's newest Super Special!

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But she certainly doesn't plan on being involved in it! Katie doesn't know the lines and she can't sing. Will the show go on? Will it go on with Suzanne instead? Open Wide 23 Here's a funny adventure that kids can really sink their teeth into! When Emma W. So Katie accompanies him to Dr. Sang's in the hopes of calming Matthew down. Then in less time than it takes to say "open wide," she herself turns into the dentist!

A predicament, to be sure, but one that ends with a smile. It's Snow Joke 22 Katie's actress friend Rosie invites her to a movie shoot at a ski lodge during winter break. Katie can't wait to hit the slopes for the first time. But unfortunately, the magic wind doesn't ever take a break. When Katie turns into the ski instructor, she lands in a very slippery situation. How will Katie fix her troubles this time?! I'm Game! She's in a real mess, and this time it's on national television!

Everyone is buzzing about the costume contest, the Halloween parade is just around the corner, and a mysterious black kitten has captured Katie's attention. But the busy holiday doesn't stop the magic wind! Join Katie in this Super Special for twice the switcheroos, and find out how she saves the day! Be Nice to Mice! But when she hears that a sixth-grader named Selena is using her pet mice as part of a science experiment, Katie does her best to put a stop to it.

When she turns into Selena on the day of the fair, she gets her chance to set the mice free. What a disaster! How will Katie eek her way out of this one? Gotcha Back! Using a special kit full of whoopee cushions, pepper gum, and a water-spraying camera, the two kids make a splash pulling off gag after gag.

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But then Katie turns into George—just as he gets blamed for all the trouble! How will Katie get out of this one? Karate Katie 18 Katie's friend Kevin can't wait for his big karate match. And Kevin, who says he's the best yellow belt in his class, thinks he's bound to win. But when the magic wind turns Katie into Kevin just before his big match, she manages to threaten his chances of beating the competition!

Will Katie be able to karate chop her way to the top? There are so many things to look forward to! Her motorcycle-riding grandma is coming to visit, class 4A is having a Secret Santa grab bag, and it's almost time for Cherrydale's annual holiday lights display contest. But even the busy holiday season doesn't stop the magic wind! Join Katie in these three separate holiday stories and find out how she handles the holiday hijinks!

She's so excited to see new things and learn how people in other countries live.