How To Get From Cubicle To Corner Office

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These hacks can spread the word about who you are and what you are doing especially if you target informal leaders among your co-workers who you choose to assist. The word will eventually reach higher ups.


Worse case scenario, you get no recognition but you have great accomplishments to talk about on your resume or on your next interview to demonstrate your leadership traits. Miami, FL U. That co-worker will sing your praises to others at the company, which will make you seen as a leader.

Develop checklists for works tasks and share it with your coworkers. This effort allows you to act like a leader in that you are finding ways to make improvements.

14 Reasons Workers Love (and Hate) Their Cubicles

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For instance, if you notice a worker has displayed a provocative political bumper sticker, a poster with profanity, or revealing vacation pictures, you should talk to that person privately and ask that the objects be removed. Remember to make sure your discussion focuses on the need for professionalism and group productivity, rather than sounding like a scolding from their grandmother.

Perhaps the best way to encourage the behavior you want to see in the workplace is to model good behavior yourself. Learn how by downloading our free e-book: 7 most frequent HR mistakes and how to avoid them.

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Please feel free to share with whomever you like. Thank you :. Once worked in an office that was so small that two of us worked back to back at our workstations.

We had to coordinate if someone wanted to stand up or move. Oh, wow, Mark. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. Learn how Insperity can help your business. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.

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Discover how we can improve your business. Subscribe When you are ready to subscribe click here. Get tips from our specialists in your inbox Looking for an easy way to keep up on the latest business and HR best practices? Questions to ask include: What do you find most distracting or bothersome in your work area?

How did we end up working in cubicles? - BBC News

What negatively impacts your productivity? Are there any changes that would help you be more productive? If you have a pet-friendly office , include guidelines for pet odors and be sure to designate a pet-free zone for people with animal allergies.