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You may find yourself liking this photo of Kosuth better than his art. If art can only ask questions, who answers them? The general public? Are artists incapable of answering their own questions, or if they could, do they have no interest in sharing their answers? In reality, we make countless decisions every day, beginning with if and when we are going to get out of bed, and each decision implies an answer. The idea that the purpose of art is to ask questions utterly fails two philosophical tests, despite the assumption by those that espouse it that they are championing philosophical art.

If one is questioning the nature of painting, one cannot be questioning the nature of art. Painting is a kind of art.

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If you make paintings you are already accepting not questioning the nature of art. So, what could you do that would be real music that questions the nature of music. Well, something like what Joseph Kosuth or Lawrence Weiner do, which is to make props or signs that articulate a postmodern foregone conclusion ask a question pertaining a bit more to the aural universe than the visual. Visual or aural art can equally be replaced by text or some sort of museum presentation. Note that if questioning the idea of art questioning what art is, is art, than behold my latest challenging work of conceptual art.

To be a real musician, you need to be anything other than a musician, and to be a real artist, you need to be anything other than an artist. Better to learn from history than reject it and try to start all over again.

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You can sign up for a course in it at an educational institution. I did. Weiner or Kosuth, or any of an army of conceptual artists who regurgitate this same revolutionary credo, are the ones limiting the horizons of art, and doing so for self-serving reasons. You get the idea. These ostensible questions have given far too sweeping answers, and not good ones. How about settling for a seat at the table, and allowing other artists to join in as well? There are answers, and there is also quite a lot of territory that is neither questions nor answers, and this may be the larger terrain of art.

But the damage has already been done. This is a general sentiment that is ubiquitous in the art world, and definitely a contender for the most vile and destructive idea about art. Trans-Fixed : April 23, Picasso lived to a ripe old age, and he was surely one of the most controversial artists alive and working at the turn of the 20th century. So, which artists of the turn of the century would have abandoned visual art in favor of non-visual art?

Not just conceptual and performances artists themselves, the critics also maintain that visual art died when conceptual art was born. There is a profound difference between art rooted in craft, and art that has no interest in it. In this century, art has left craft far behind. A process that began when Marcel Duchamp insisted art should appeal only to the brain is, today, complete. Painters who know how to paint are relics from another world and sculpture no longer seems the right word for the objects artists find or cause to be made.

It is quite on par with declaring that some new form of art rendered musicianship antiquated, and thus music, and musical language…. The only thing they share with painting is that they are placed in the museum context. You do the math. Sound sculpture is visual art, not music. Most or all the new forms of art that replace painting are hybrids or variations of already established other genres of art, or non-art, which they much more closely resemble.

Installations are frequently indistinguishable from museum or educational displays. Every new form of art is categorized as visual art , except visual art , which must be vanquished in order for all the other art forms to be understood as having taken up the baton of fine art from visual art, which lay exhausted in the dirt.

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Recent painters such as Alex Grey or H. Giger have an enormous following, despite being entirely outside the contemporary art framework. The end result of all this was to sideline and thwart generations of actual visual artists in an attempt to stifle the visual imagination and visual language.

This is why there was no visual equivalent to rock music excepting rare individuals such as Robert Williams, who insisted on making visual art no matter how out of fashion he was. If you were a painter you could look up to perhaps a handful of people, none of whom most of us can name.

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All those artists were thwarted. Stop and imagine what their visual art might have looked like. When the theoreticians in their ivory towers clinically removed the visual from visual art, and declared it a cancer, they removed any of its potential for popular appeal, and indefinitely. Obtuse, intellectual, cynical, and cerebral artifacts as art appeal to a very select audience, and alienate everyone else.

Take note: There is no popular form of visual art. Conceptual art questioning what could be considered art at all, and rejecting visual art entirely, had zero popular appeal. Art was too busy asking itself pseudo-philosophical questions, such as if a chair was a thing, or a definition, or a photo. Instead of co-existing with visual art, conceptual art demanded a monopoly on art, and perhaps depended on it, which is why Jonathan Jones needs to say painting is a relic. Visual art is a primary and timeless form of art.

The only way to fully eradicate it, or leave it behind, is to pluck out our eyes and become a blind species. Sure, sure, some people passionately disagree with me, and here we need only take note that they are arguing in favor of destroying an entire field of art, a kind of communication, and in so doing crippling our capacity for visual imagination.

All hail! There are some well established visual artists in the contemporary art world, such as Peter Doig, Kerry James Marshall, and Dana Schutz, but the idea that painting, and visual art proper are a lost cause still persists. Kerry James Marshall. When someone says painting which is essentially visual art is dead, it only means that they themselves are dead to it, which is nothing to boast about, and only signals their own short-sightedness.

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It is similar in its practical wisdom to saying that the judge and jury decide if the accused is innocent or guilty, not the suspect himself. But think how this could go horribly awry:. Imagine being found guilty of witchcraft, sentenced to burning at the stake, and the flames beginning to lick at your ankles.

Do you accept that society determines who and what you are, that you are indeed in congress with the devil, and your torture and execution are righteous? Should Frederick Douglass have accepted the conclusion that it was OK for him to be a slave because he was less than human? It is the art critic, the social critic, and the social justice champion who presently seek to determine the meaning of a work of art.

The non-artist theorists have proposed that the meaning and value of art is decided not by the artists themselves, but the theorists themselves. What a surprise! A text consists of multiple writings, issuing from several cultures and entering into dialogue with each other, into parody, into contestation; but there is one place where this multiplicity is collected, united, and this place is not the author, as we have hitherto said it was, but the reader: the reader is the very space in which are inscribed, without any being lost, all the citations a writing consists of; the unity of a text is not in its origin, it is in its destination….

Sorry about that convoluted bullshit.

What elaborate fuckwittery! Rather, only others who examine his math can do that. TeamLab f. UOVO is reimagining art storage and services. Through their holistic approach to collections management, UOVO has developed a new paradigm for the stewardship of the art, design, fashion, and archival collections that comprise our cultural legacy.

The multilingual website sends a strong message with its visual layout, simply showcasing current exhibitions, accompanied but its architectural ensemble. Since it provides a unique platform inspiring to test new theories at the intersection of art, technology and society. Full of exciting ideas on current trends in the digital world, opportunity announcements and science facts, it represents the true exploration spirit of the enterprise.

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Conceived in as the Moscow House of Photography, it was the first Russian state art institution focused on the art of photography. Steve Miller is a multi-media artist, who makes paintings, screenprints, artist books, and sculptures. Through his art he explores the influence of science and technology on modern culture. In Miller was a New York Foundation for the arts painting fellow. Their website is a hypnotizing work of art in itself, with ever-changing videos that make you stop and stare.

Australian-American model, philanthropist, and actress Portia de Rossi retired from the screen to launch General Public, a project which lets you experience art like never before. Instead of printing art on a flat canvas, she incorporated a new type of 3D-printing technique, called synograph, which can print the artwork with all of its tiniest brushstrokes, multiple layers and texture oddities. Kickstarter helps artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers, and other creators find the resources and support they need to make their ideas a reality. To date, tens of thousands of creative projects — big and small — have come to life with the support of the Kickstarter community.

Its website reads like an almanac, highlighting stories, projects, and ideas from the vibrant Kickstarter Arts community. With over K followers on Instagram, DIS is a streaming platform for entertainment and education — edutainment.