Marguerite Duras: Apocalyptic Desires

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Images of Authorship 2. Transferential Loves 3.

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Scenes of Desire 4. Crossing Genres 5. The Limits of Fiction 6.

Une vie : Marguerite Duras

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Overview Marguerite Duras is France's best-known and most controversial contemporary woman writer. Product Details Table of Contents. The sea mer is an important symbol in the novel, as is the Mekong river.

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What is the importance of images of water in the autobiographical text? What other images of water are important in the novel consider the house-cleaning episode where buckets of water are tossed onto the floor Compare the images of fluidity to the converse images of aridity in the novel -- the mother as "desert" 45, cf. Why is the ferry significant? The traversal across water, reiterated again at the end of the novel in the boat trip back to France, suggests a traversal across border, boundaries.

What borders are crossed by Duras in the novel? Which borders are crossed only to be re-traversed again and again? Which borders are permanently crossed?

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How is the novel a rite of passage. How does Duras incorporate the body into her writing? Is the body the "site" of the written text?

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It is not an essence or nature, but a reverse of an essence or nature; it is a name for that which provokes crisis in the realm of representation by producing irreducible difference. And what it denotes most of all, in Duras as in Barthes, is desire" The narrator wins the attention of a much older man and then engages in a sexual relationship for about eighteen months.

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Are there any aspects of the narrator—besides frequent sex with a willing young woman—that the older man apparently finds compelling or even attractive? The narrator meets the lover while traveling over the turbulent waters of the Mekong River. Later, the narrator compares her love to water hiding in sand.

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  6. Discuss the extended 4. How is the imagery of water used within the text to indicate love? Imagine that, at the end of the novel, the lover had contacted the narrator in person instead of via telephone.