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Opis Publisher's blurb: Take monsters beyond the basics! Perfect for busy Game Masters, this invaluable tome gives a wide range of challenges for a variety of foes, from the nefarious drow to ruthless orcs. Each monster includes an in-depth look at its society and ecology, new rules like feats and spells designed to complement the race, and archetypes built to give monsters a new edge. From a simple encounter to an entire campaign, this book gives you everything you need to make these monsters the center of the action!

And, perhaps surprisingly, there's enough race-neutral options here that players will surely find something useful for their PCs as well if they're cheeky enough to buy a copy. And you gotta love that cover! I had this exact idea and wrote it down but never sent it. Now I have owned your version for awhile and I just love it and how you executed this book. You can really tell how valuable this book is to GM's as every review is 5 out of 5 stars except 1 review dragging down the median. I echo the sentiments of my fellow reviewers when I ask to see a second Monster Codex and here is a list that might be good candidates.

Love to hear what others ideas might be. Finally I would also love to see a second Rival Guide but hopefully there would be more low level groups. It could be called Rival Codex and could also include a more extensive section for groups like primitive tribes, street gangs, crazed zealots, and evil monks than what is in the GMG. Read my full review on Of Dice and Pen. I really cannot praise the Monster Codex enough.

In the year since its release, it has become one of the most used resources at my game table. The Monster Codex covers 20 of the most common monster races and provides a selection of NPCs for each, as well as several new rules options, and still more.

It gives GMs a chance to take these classic monsters and add huge variety to them. This is really what the revisited products should be like: full of extra inspiration and details to make a GM's like easier.

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Why buy a product that just regurgitates what I already know about a monster race? This focuses on many of the humanoid monster races and fleshes them out, something Paizo really needed to do. I'm hoping they do this with many of the other races that are sentient.

Review – Monster Codex (Pathfinder) – Strange Assembly

This book is well worth your money if you plan on using monsters as characters in your games and not just target practice. This is probably one of the best Pathfinder resources for DMs. I love the 'classic' monsters, but it can be hard to use them in other than their typical niches. This book takes care of that and lets orcs, kobolds, and the rest be diverse enough to keep the players guessing.

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Like this one This is wonderful idea. How do you fight the inevitable monster bloat? By dedicating a book to advancing existing monsters that everyone knows and loves! There are some interesting monster choices in that lineup; I notice quite a few player races in there as well. Here are some quick thoughts: — Hopefully we'll see Favored Class options for all featured creatures. While iconic, vamprism is usually a template, not a separate creature. As a result, this doesn't seem like a monster entry that's really worth it's salt here because there are already rules in place to build high-powered vampires.

Um, there is no such thing as "monster bloat" in any RPG.


I for one am a bit disappointed in no Bestiary 5 but I guess we'll see what comes in I was ready to be super-excited about this book as soon as I saw the title, but the focus on 20 specific monster types makes me considerably more ambivalent.. Hopefully the book will include new feats and options that are useful for all monsters as well which is something I've wanted more of ever since 3. Compl e ment , not compl i ment.


Salvatore and his editors never got that one right, and every time Drizzt expressed how fortunate he was to find companions that "compliment" his fighting style, I always pictured him fighting something while Bruenor et al. He was also fond of "grizzly" battlefields, but he never explained why the bears were fighting one another. Ah, interesting! I wasn't expecting a book like this to come out, but I've heard people across the forums making proposals to have a monster-options book that wasn't a bestiary.

I wonder how useful a lot of these new archetypes and other content will be useful for players. Something sort of like an idea I've considered doing for a different campaign world myself, though I'm curious as to whether the implementation will be the same here or not. Specifically, the idea I had was to essentially take some of the "base" monsters of the bestiaries and present some sample statblocks representing tribal and regional variations of same such as differing tribes of goblins, etc.

Presumably, this will be world neutral as opposed to campaign oriented, as my idea is and a Codex of Golarion, for instance, would be , but I wonder if the premise is roughly the same? It's hard to get a precise feel from the description. Is there sustantial new material concerning the background information of these monsters?

This is very cool and I am looking forward to it, but some of the choices make me scratch my head. Boggards and Ratfolk? I hate to be the negative nelly, but this is giving me screaming flashbacks to 3. Then clearly you never read Monster Manual 5. Plus considering the number of popular PC-friendly races that are going to be spotlighted in the Monster Codex, this book makes a lot of sense for publication.

It could potentially attract players who enjoy playing goblins, orcs, ratfolk which seem pretty popular in their own way , drow, and duergar. A Bestiary only attracts GMs. Also, if the racial Archetypes in this book are going to be exclusive to their race, I'm hoping that the designers and developers make them more like the Caravan Sniper drow fighter archetype or the Ouat dwarf monk archetype Inner Sea Combat.

Racial classes are frustrating if the mechanics do not directly support the racial restriction by interfacing with aspects of the race that other creatures can't copy. This might be the first hard cover I skip, or wait before buying because I can slap racial abilities on any stat-block in the NPC Codex.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Monster Codex

So, this means we will have a lots of humanoid fights in the near future that will need this book? Hmmmm, maybe a Belkzen Adventure Path?

The Pathfinder Bestiary

I have mixed feelings about this one, on one hand I like monsters getting some interesting options but on the other hand it is too specialized and many creatures I would like to see are not there. We get ratfolk but no catfolk, no fey, no hags, no centaurs, no medusa, no lamia: I really would love to see stuff for nixies, pixies, centaurs, lamia, minotaurs, medusa, etc. Well this is more interesting then another NPC codex. But does this mean that we will have to wait even longer for a bestiary 5 because we might get this line of books with NPC codex books.

Ever heard of Skaven? The Friendly Lich Apr 29, , am Is this the hardcover equivalent to the " Revisited" books? Because if it is, I'm looking forward to it! As it is my ring of Permanent Prenumbra is the only thing that lets me function in the party. I'm excited for the fact that this is showing more diversity towards pc-monster races, which is something that I always love to see more of a la savage species. Not really like I would some months ago, now I have my own project game and Diablo 3 to keep me going. I really dislike all of the monsters in this book, all overused ones I never cared for Spare for Duergar and Boggard , that is something I dislike more than this coming before Bestiary What I don't understand is why Ratfolk, robots and Flumph's are probably accepted by you, but a Drop Bear would be too much?

The Rot Grub Apr 29, , am 1 person marked this as a favorite. It's not clear to me what itch this is scratching. If I want monsters, I have the Bestiaries. If I want to customize monsters, I can add class levels and use the feats available to PCs. If I want ecologies, I can go to the Pathfinder "Revisited" line. What am I not "getting" here?

Maybe if some specific examples are elaborated, I could see the usefulness of this. The only "ratfolk" we had in second edition were called wererats;. They are ready.

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  • And after that they will be published in the SRD and Paizo can gain space in adventures simply linking to their online stats. Even though the stuff is provided for free, I'm sure they'd much rather have people going out and buying it. I've seen numerous posts on Pathfinder communities that say things like, "you don't have to buy anything". While that is true, how do they then get people to "want" to buy stuff? How effective is it at turning free users into paying supporters? I don't think it's possible to know how well would they have done without that strategy.

    It could very well be a major factor in their success. I've personally bought a bunch of their books, minis and other products and I can honestly say that I never decided to buy anything because they also chose to give part of it away to me for free. I buy a lot of RPG stuff from a bunch of different companies, though, so I may not be a normal gaming consumer.

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