The impact of the Euro on Latin America

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The invasion failed and radicalized the revolutionary government's position. Cuba officially proclaimed itself socialist and openly became an ally of the Soviet Union. The military collaboration between Cuba and the Soviet Union, which included the placement of intercontinental ballistic missiles in Cuba precipitated the Cuban Missile Crisis of October This was further fueled by Cuban and United States intervention which led to a political polarization.

Most South American countries were in some periods ruled by military dictatorships that were supported by the United States of America. Around the s, the regimes of the Southern Cone collaborated in Operation Condor killing many leftist dissidents, including some urban guerrillas. The set of specific economic policy prescriptions that were considered the "standard" reform package were promoted for crisis-wracked developing countries by Washington, DC-based institutions such as the International Monetary Fund IMF , World Bank , and the US Treasury Department during the s and '90s. In recent years, several Latin American countries led by socialist or other left wing governments—including Argentina and Venezuela—have campaigned for and to some degree adopted policies contrary to the Washington Consensus set of policies.

Other Latin counties with governments of the left, including Brazil, Chile and Peru, have in practice adopted the bulk of the policies. Also critical of the policies as actually promoted by the International Monetary Fund have been some US economists, such as Joseph Stiglitz and Dani Rodrik , who have challenged what are sometimes described as the "fundamentalist" policies of the International Monetary Fund and the US Treasury for what Stiglitz calls a "one size fits all" treatment of individual economies.

The term has become associated with neoliberal policies in general and drawn into the broader debate over the expanding role of the free market, constraints upon the state, and US influence on other countries' national sovereignty. Since the s, or s in some countries, left-wing political parties have risen to power. The conservative wave Portuguese : onda conservadora is a political phenomenon that emerged in mid in South America. In Brazil, it began roughly around the time Dilma Rousseff , in a tight election, won the presidential election , kicking off the fourth term of the Workers' Party in the highest position of government.

The subsequent economic crisis of and investigations of corruption scandals led to a right-wing movement that sought to rescue ideas from economic liberalism and conservatism in opposition to left-wing policies. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. See also: Latin America: Definition.

Main article: Pre-Columbian. Main articles: Spanish colonization of the Americas and Portuguese colonization of the Americas. See also: Latin American wars of independence. Main article: Washington Consensus. See also: Pink tide. See also: Conservative wave.

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History of the Americas. Indigenous peoples Indigenous population Pre-Columbian trans-oceanic contact theories Discovery Exploration European colonization Spanish colonization French colonization Portuguese colonization British colonization Columbian Exchange Decolonization. History of North America.

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History of Central America. History of the Caribbean. History of South America. Dependencies and other territories. The Idea of Latin America.

The crisis of the European Union and its impact on regionalism in Latin America

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New report by Euro-Latin American Parliamentary Assembly calls for better debt crises resolution

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